• What is Energy Kinesiology?
    It is a highly effective form of balancing the body’s energy, using muscle monitoring and applying that information with bio-energy on the body.  It helps your body create health where it may be deficient or painful. It deals with issues that can be Mental, Physical, Emotional, Business, Relationships or Spiritual.
  • What is Muscle Monitoring?Using a muscle in a specific contracted or relaxed state and then adding resistance to see how the muscle will function.  This specific test is information which we can use to further assess the body and find where it is holding stress.  With this information we can start to assist the body in releasing stress and creating healthier function.
  • What is NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology?
    NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology (NEK) is a specialized form of Energy Kinesiology. It has its origins from other kinesiologies but specializes in bridging the gaps of:

    • *The body/mind with brain neurology
    • *Incorporates cellular and human physiology
    • *Hormone and neurotransmitters
    • *Learning and memory balancing
    • *Unique formatting for chakras and  nadis
    • *Emotional pathways of the brain and mind
  • What’s unique about Sensory Dynamics Institute?
    • We offer all of Hugo Tobar’s’ NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology.
    • We offer a collection of other powerful Kinesiologies from around the world.
    • We offer all the courses from Ronald Wayman including his emotional and communication courses.
    • We offer an optional path to achieve a University Degree in Complementary Health Sciences with an emphasis in Energy Kinesiology from Charles Sturt University in Australia.
    • Sensory Dynamics Institute offers classes for the Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Practitioner.  Check out our classes and begin your journey into the world of Energy Kinesiology and NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology.