Board of Directors

Ronald Wayman –

Thank you Ron, for once again volunteering to serve on the Board, and to serve as President.

Kathie Guhl –
VP Conferences

Kathie invites you to join a committee, take on a specific task, or bring your skills to the Board of Directors. There are open Board positions, and we have several more specific opportunities as well, such as  CPA Financial Advisor. Want to explore the possibilities?

Dr. Sara Allen-

Keeping the abundance flowing.  Sara has a gift for energizing the energy kinesiology community.

Debra Hurt Burchard –

Debra’s work as Secretary is essential for us to maintain continuity. We are so grateful for her time and efforts.

Elizabeth Beckham –

Elizabeth was elected to the Board at the AGM in August, and immediately volunteered to be our Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you Elizabeth! She’d love to talk with you about your skills, talents, and desire to contribute to your organization. She’ll help you find your way to the committee, position, or, individual task, which best matches you.

Debbie Luke, CEnK2 –
Internet & Marketing

Thank you Debbie, for volunteering to be the Conference Vice President! Debbie would love to hear from you, do let her know how you can help make our 2015 Triple Play Gatherings a success, and get ready for Conference 2016!

Cathy Layland –

A past President of EnKA®, Cathy returns to the Board to work on Communications. If you have a passion for writing, please contact Cathy to learn how you can contribute to the EnKA® Newsletter, and to E-mail compaigns and publicity for events.

Jill Allbrandt –
Registered Agent

Jill serves an important roll as the EnKA®representative for the Association to the Government Corporation Commission. She makes sure that our registration is up to date and fees paid. Chock full of good ideas and thinking, Jill also participates in Board meetings as a non-voting member. Thank you Jill!

Joan Smalley –
CAB Chair

Now Joan is here to help you achieve Professional Certification in order to develop your professional goals.

Tina Baker –
Ethics Committee Chair

The Board of Directors of the Energy Kinesiology Association is pleased to announce Tina Baker has accepted our call to serve as Chair of the Ethics Committee.

Become a member!

The Board of Directors of the Energy Kinesiology Association is looking for volunteers!